bes sunday ever

well,last sunday i went 2 bkt cerakah with my luvly siss...

 firstt of all,we want  cycling,unfortunately,since we came a little bit late,bicycle was sold out..haha..not really sold,but it had been rented to the we decide to ride by bus..

so sad since we cannot cycling that day...sob3..

                            this is a map at bkt cerakah..let's go travelll..

after we ride on da bus..we stop at rumah idaman if i'm not mistaken..then we start explore...after finished explore,we walk until we found tmn rempah ratus,tmn orkid...then we stop at next bus stop and "tahan" da bus coz we really so tired...huhu..then luckily da bus stop and took pit stop was rumah 4 heppy since at that time it was winter time...we entered that house by pay rm3(so cheap 2 enjoy da snow)

    sooo cold since the temperature was -3 -- -7 degrree celcius..

once we entered that house,wow so amazing since this is da 1st time i saw snow(1st time at mines just ice only..no2 snow there..hehe)we captured so2 many pic and unfortunately my battery hp had using my sis hp only 2 take our we also took the snow and throw to each hepy that time..
after we felt sooo cold then we went out and to hotter,we ate maggi ayam sold there..nyum3..after spend about 3 hour there,we went back and before sending me 2 uitm,we went 4 lunch at ayam penyet wong solo n ate ayam penyet..

                                   this dish i ate with rice...
we meet my bro there since he want to join us...after we ate,then my bro send me back at uitm...since i'm really2 tired i felt sleep until 3 p.m...then i woke up n pray...
that is my amazing experience last sunday..hope i can go there again with my family n my frenz....


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